QA Enrolment Fees

Admission & Lodgement


Contract Value
  • βœ” Registration Fees
  • βœ” Subject Material
  • βœ” Admin Fees
  • βœ” Documentation Fees
Pay Now
Payment Terms:

1. Select the appropriate qualification from the above πŸ‘† list & pay the relevant tuition fees* to the authority.

2. Pay the Registration Fees ** & the Subject Material Fees after getting the admission and receiving the Confirmation Of Enrollment (COE) & checklist from the relevant authority.

3. Pay lodgement fees*** after the preparation of Client Qualification file & before submitting the file for lodgement, to QA.


If the client doesn’t receive the Confirmation Of Enrollment (COE) then the client will receive a full refund of the tuition fees paid to the authority.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

*Tuition Fees: The fees that have a QA code in the Price List.
**Registration Fees: US$900
**Lodgement Fees: US$900